First Taste Of Bordeaux

Meet The Consultant Chef - Cédric Béchade

Chef Béchade has worked at the Hôtel du Palais in Biarritz with Chef Jean-François Piège, who received two Michelin stars, and at the Plaza Athénée during the Alain Ducasse era. A supporter of locavore cuisine, Chef Béchade cooks exclusively from regional products and earned a Michelin star at restaurant L’Auberge Basque in the Pyrénées Atlantiques.

The Local Hangout

Dine at FirstName Bordeaux as you please. Eat at the bar or in our restaurant lounge, Le Bada. Savor a selection of small plates and seasonal specialties with a creative twist on the local ingredients of the region. Even the wine list showcases the best wines from France as well as standouts from Bordeaux. It’s our take on slow food and drink. We commit to local, organic, seasonal products and strive for zero waste whenever possible.

Feel Good

Our bar is the vibrant meeting spot of FirstName. The destination for great local music, live DJs, and artisanal cocktails highlighting local ingredients. Hang out with old friends or meet some new ones. Connect. Conspire. Celebrate. 

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First Meal

After a supremely restful night’s sleep, it’s time for your first meal of the day. Opt for a breakfast to go bag and explore Bordeaux — we would absolutely love to recommend some amazing spots on the banks of the Garonne, on a road trip in the vineyards, or for a cycling adventure. Or have a slow breakfast daily at the bar, in Le Bada, or celebrate a leisurely Sunday with our weekly Brunch.